Entrepreneurship programs

The Quest for Personal Mastery

Dr. Srikumar Rao

Gain the freedom to flow with life, and achieve extraordinary resilience, abundance, and self-mastery in this program with visionary TED speaker & America's #1 MBA lecturer, Srikumar Rao.
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Business Freedom Blueprint

Eric Edmeades

Designed by serial entrepreneur Eric Edmeades, this program empowers you to build a profitable business, while still having the time you need to nurture your health, relationships, and self.
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Zero to $100 Million

Miki Agrawal

Social entrepreneurship visionary Miki Agrawal takes you deep into how to build a $100 million brand, creatively disrupt entire industries, and turn your company into a force for good.
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The Power of Boldness

Naveen Jain

Expand your mindset and envision your very own moonshot: an idea so groundbreaking, it transforms both you and the planet. Hosted by visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain.
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Ultimate Leadership

Keith Ferrazzi

Join Keith Ferrazzi as he equips you with the essential paradigm shifts & emerging strategies being harnessed by today’s most inspiring & effective leaders, in a World where the old rules no longer apply.
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Vivid Vision

Cameron Herold

A program for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners with leading business consultant Cameron Herold. Discover how to create a Vivid Vision and roadmap to your company's biggest goals.
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Building an Unstoppable Brand

Jeffrey Perlman

Learn how to create your unstoppable brand with the master of branding. Jeffrey Perlman, former CMO of Zumba and the master of branding shares the key elements behind any transformational brand.

Course Pro

Jimmy Naraine

Jimmy Naraine is an entrepreneur & CEO speaking trainer, teaching 270,000+ students on Udemy. Jimmy has developed powerful systems in his life that help him build courage anytime he needs to put himself out there.

Scale Your Business to $1M

Verne Harnish

If you're ready to discover the secret to taking your successful business and scaling up to 10X its current value while doubling in growth then this program is for you.